Reasons for Binge Eating

Binge Eating DisorderThose who suffer from binge eating disorder also struggle with feelings of guilt, disgust, or loneliness. They use food to deal with these emotions, as they find eating comforting for a brief moment. The sad part is binge eating results in a variety of physical and emotional problems. Those with this problem report stress, insomnia, and other health issues.

Common symptoms of binge eating disorder include inability to stop eating, desperation to control eating habits, and eating even when full. It usually takes a combination of things and factors to develop this kind of eating disorder. This may include a person’s emotions, genes, and experiences.

Social and Cultural Pressures

Some parents unknowingly encourage binge eating by using food to reward or comfort their kids. Those who receive critical comments about their weight and body are also likely to develop this eating disorder. The pressures of being thin can also add to the embarrassment of a binge eater, which fuels emotional eating.

Biological Abnormalities

Some compulsive eaters also have biological abnormalities. The part of the brain that controls appetite, for instance, may send incorrect signals or messages about hunger and fullness. Low level of serotonin, according to research, may also play a part in binge eating. Studies, furthermore, suggest there's a genetic mutation that can cause food addiction.

Depression and Binge Eating

When life gets a little stressful, some people find short-term remedy through overeating. Many people who have this disorder may suffer from depression, while others may have difficulty managing their emotions. Apart from low self-esteem and body dissatisfaction, feelings of fear, loneliness, and anxiety can also contribute to compulsive eating.

Food, for the most part, offers instant relief when people feel stressed, depressed, or lonely. While it's true that it can make such negative feelings go away, the result is only short-lived. When reality sets back in, binge eaters may feel regret and self-loathing, which only gives them the urge to eat more.