Proper Caring Tips for Baby’s Teeth

Baby Teeth CareYour baby’s teeth may be temporary, but they need care as well. This includes brushing when the teeth start erupting as well as avoiding or minimizing intake of food that can contribute to cavity. Here are some tips about baby dental care:

Importance of Baby Teeth

Just because they’ll eventually fall off doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Strong, healthy baby teeth will serve as a foundation for permanent teeth. Children will have difficulty chewing and speaking if baby teeth are not cared for from the moment they erupt.

Clean the newly-erupted teeth with a moist washcloth or a soft piece of gauze. This means gently wiping the gums two times a day to get rid of bacteria that could stick to their gums and damage other forthcoming infant teeth. Also, wipe the tongue after meals and before bedtime.

Brushing and Toothpaste

When baby teeth are bigger, you can start using a toothbrush. Choose the one with a small head, soft brush and big handle. You will initially be doing the brushing to get them into the habit of cleaning their teeth. Eventually, they can do it on their own.

It can be a struggle brushing a small child’s teeth. Always be gentle while making sure all the areas that need cleaning are reached. Children around seven years old can brush on their own, but it’s still best to supervise them so they do it properly.

A dot of toothpaste with fluoride can be used when babies start brushing. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and makes teeth strong. But the amount should be strictly regulated. As they grow older, toothpaste can be pea-sized.

Good Feeding Habits

Just as cleaning baby teeth is necessary, instilling good eating habits is as important to keep baby teeth healthy. Don’t allow them to consume foods with too much sugar content. Bacteria thrive in a sweet environment so always ensure that they brush their teeth after they eat something sweet.

Don’t leave the feeding bottle in the mouth when the baby is asleep. Sugars from milk or juice can eat away at the enamel when left for several hours on teeth. Always remove the bottle once the baby is sleeping. Better yet, replace milk with water when bottle feeding your baby at bedtime.

Trips to the Dentist

Dental care experts recommend taking babies to a dental clinic at least six months after the first tooth has erupted. Parents can get advice from experts on their infant’s fluoride needs. Miller Comfort Dental recommends that you go to a family-oriented dental clinic for a range of dental services.

Healthy teeth aren’t only for better appearance. You don’t want your child to have difficulty speaking and chewing because of awful teeth.