Promoting a Healthy Family: Eating Habits at Home

Healthy Eating Habits at HomeBusy lifestyles have caused many families to prefer fast food and on-the-go dishes over home-cooked meals. Kitchens are abandoned and preparing meals at home become uncommon. It is like families have given up on healthy eating, which is an important key in preventing obesity and other chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Creating a healthy family, however, is easy by tweaking your habits. This means preparing more meals at home and limiting fast food and unhealthy dishes. You can help everyone in the family lead a better and longer life by starting eating healthier. Family doctors in Orem, Revere Health share a few eating habits families should start practicing.

  • Eat meals together – When everyone in the family sits together for a meal, it is unlikely for kids to eat unhealthy foods. Sitting down together also makes a meal more enjoyable, which also fosters a sense of love and belonging.
  • Choose your ingredient wisely – It is easy to make different recipes healthier by substituting some ingredients. Lean cuts of meat, as well as low-fat/less-salt versions of condiments, are healthier options.
  • Limit sugars in your diet – Added sugar can contribute to tooth decay and diabetes over time. This is why it is best to cut out or reduce soda and other sweetened beverages in your family’s diet. Choose plain water instead.
  • Reduce sodium intake – When buying packaged food products, read labels and choose those with the least amount of salt. It is also advisable to use other herbs and spices instead of salt when cooking.
  • Use healthier oils – If you’re cooking with oil, choose healthier varieties such as olive, corn, canola, sesame, sunflower, and soybean oils. Your family can also be healthier by avoiding deep fried meals and other dishes that use excessive soil.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – Encourage everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables by adding them to meals or eating them as snacks. If you’re buying dried or canned options, read the labels and avoid those with added sugar or sodium.

Make you and your family healthier with these tips. If one or more of the family member is obese or underweight, see a family doctor to find out if there is any underlying health condition.