Prepare to Interview Your Potential Tutor – Here’s How

Man hiring a tutorAs much as you might want to deny it, you need help with your studies. Keep in mind that seeking assistance regarding your education does not make you weak. In fact, it only shows that you’re committed to learning more. As such, you want to make sure you find the right tutor that has your best interest at heart, highly knowledgeably, and experienced. Once you have delved through tutor profiles and think you have a potential economics tutor in Singapore, it is time to invite them for an interview. During your preparation, consider the following ideas:

Tutoring Objectives

The key is to mull over what you want to accomplish with tutoring. You might want to improve your grade in economics, pass a standardised test, or pass the admission exams of a particular school or programme, or enhance a skill.

Important Information

During your interview, share any learning difficulties you might have. Disclose diagnostic or official test results, sample work, and recent assessment. Ensure that you show them a narrative report, transcript or report card so they can gauge how you perform as a student.

Past Experiences

Discuss with the tutor if you have worked with other tutors in different subjects or on that particular subject. Inform them about the number of hours you worked with a tutor for the same subject before. Make sure to include the coverage, duration, and details about what went well or the areas that could have been improved on.

Scheduling Requirements

Ensure that you let them know about your extracurricular and academic schedules. You will probably have a preferred time to schedule your tuition lessons. Know that the best tutors typically have extremely tight schedules. Prepare yourself with several options just in case they are not available during your preferred time and days.

There are plenty of tutors to choose from nowadays. You will not have a hard time finding one. The real challenge is to hire someone that is the right fit for you. Remember the tips mentioned here to prepare you for the interview.