Post-Invisalign Resolution: Embracing Change after Your Treatment

Invisalign TreatmentGetting Invisalign treatment is a commitment that will require you to wear clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, remove them every time you eat, brush or floss and visit your dentist once a month. If you have managed to breeze through these commitments throughout your treatment, then you should be proud of yourself.

What happens next is that you will be wearing post-treatment retainers to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their initial state. You may think that you have liberated yourself from the stiff confines of our orthodontic treatment, but your responsibilities are even bigger now that you are left to your own devices.

On Smoking

Just because you are no longer wearing your clear aligners doesn’t mean that you can go back to smoking. Remember that your teeth may still move and return to their original position even long after the treatment. notes that smoking cigarettes can gradually reverse the outcomes of your treatment and may even result in serious health problems since your post-treatment recuperation may put you in a vulnerable stage.

On Hygiene

Your experience with Invisalign will pretty much enforce good hygiene practices, but you will easily fall back into those old habits if you do not completely embrace change. You must still practice the same oral hygiene regimen that you maintained throughout the treatment. If you allow plaque to build up, cavities will soon develop and cause your teeth to move and shift back.

On Food

Remember that time you turned down that slice of pizza because you did not want to remove your aligners? Remember how you persistently followed a meal plan so you can make the process of cleaning your teeth and aligners easier? If you notice that you have maintained healthier and better regular eating patterns because of Invisalign, then maybe you should stick with that.

Beyond that perfect smile, a big part of the change you should embrace and maintain is the good health and hygiene practices that you picked up along the way. Treat your Invisalign treatment as an investment and a commitment to yourself. Use it to improve yourself and lead a healthier life, otherwise, all the money, time, stress and pain will all be for nothing.