Planning your Bridal Shower

Bridal ShowersA wedding is a major event in a person’s life. Most women have always dreamed their wedding to be perfect and would plan it for months. However, one event before the wedding also needs some amount of planning – the Bridal Shower

Most of the time, planning the bridal shower and all its details are assigned to the bridesmaids. This is usually the task of the closest friend or relative of the bride.

Regardless of what theme the bridesmaids agree on, the following is a list of what needs to be taken into consideration:


The venue is the first on the list as this will determine whether the programme of activities will be possible. Depending on the activities of the event, the planner should be able to ensure that the venue can accommodate the guests and enjoy the party. It can be as simple a private dining in a Brisbane hotel or a luxurious yacht party. The venue should be accessible, can accommodate the number of expected guests and has sufficient parking space.

Music and entertainment

Take into account the event program or a list of activities in the party. From this, you will then be able to determine the type of music required or hire a band if you need to. Take time to ask the bride’s favourite music genre and use this as a guide in choosing the songs and music to be played.


There will be trinkets and gifts to be given away. Prepare them in advance as it may take time for some amount of giveaways to be generated. Invitations will also be needed to be printed out and distributed. Take time to consult invites layout designers to ascertain the proper format dependent on the type and theme of your event.


Get a small group organized to do some food tasting prior to approval of the menu. Ask a list of the expected guests and determine food allergies to prevent accidents during the event.

Planning an event such as the bridal shower needs careful planning. Making sure that these details are taken into account will also ensure that the event will be an enjoyable one.