Pet Owner Checklist: Protecting Your Dogs from Parasites

Auckland veterinary servicesParasites are organisms that feed off other creatures. Leaving them alone won’t only affect the health of your canine companion, but their quality of life. All dogs are at risk of parasites. From external parasites like fleas and ticks to internal parasites like heartworms and tapeworms, you have to take measures to make sure that your pets are safe and healthy. Here’s a checklist to help you:

  1. Schedule Examinations – Animal hospitals offering Auckland veterinary services have different types of vaccinations and protection that can help keep dogs safe from parasites. It’s advisable to make connections with a single vet, as they can monitor the growth of your dog. In addition, you don’t have to explain the condition of your dog every time you consult a different vet.
  1. Serve Fresh, Quality Food and Drinks – Feed your dog properly cooked food and leave a bowl of fresh water to avoid dehydration. This is to stop them from eating or chewing everything they see and drinking water from dirty puddles or any unsafe water source.
  1. Keep Your Home Clean at All Times – Parasites like fleas, ticks and mites lay eggs everywhere. They hide in different areas and wait for a host — your dog — to come. They can be persistent despite the changes in their environment, so regular cleaning is the ideal way to get rid of them.
  1. Supervise When Going Outside – Make sure that your dog doesn’t make contact and eat their own or other pet’s faeces. Tie them on a leash or bring their favourite chew toy to prevent them from chewing objects out of curiosity.
  1. Buy the Necessary Medications – It’s best to bring your puppy to the vet for deworming during their second to eighth week. Follow the medications recommended by the vet, like buying oral or injectable treatment and supplements, to keep them healthy as they grow.

Don’t let your beloved companion suffer from the effects of parasite infestation. Know how to prevent and remove parasites from your dog’s system, so you can have more time enjoying life together.