Parents’ Anti-First-Day-Anxiety Pointers for Dealing with Preschool

Kids at schoolReality check: Children aren’t the only ones that can be stressed out on their first day of school. The parents can actually be more anxious than their kids when it comes to this momentous moment. With that said, here are a few suggestions for you to get over those first-day blues.

Choosing the School

Though many choose a school nearby their Phoenix home for convenience, it’s not enough reason for you to be sure of your child’s safety and academic growth. Before finalizing your decision, study the kinds of preschool programs available and see which would fit your child’s needs and personality best.

When you’ve made your choice, bring your toddler to the school and introduce them to the teachers and staff before the first day of school.

Preparing for School

Besides the student bag and school supplies they’ll be bringing, prepare your child for some of the school activities they’ll be doing. Before school starts, practice removing their coat and hanging it up by themselves. Start serving their food in their lunch boxes. Teach them how to write their names.

Also, just so you don’t worry, write down your child’s allergies or sicknesses on a small card, along with two of your contact numbers. Laminate the card so you can hand it over to the teacher when you meet.

When They’re at School

After leaving them to the teacher’s care, do not linger. Your presence will only stifle the first-day experience and would do more harm than good. If you’re not working on that day, go out with a friend, find yourself a task to finish or immerse yourself in a hobby to while away the time. Best that you keep your mind preoccupied during the day, so you stop panicking over your kid.

Pacifying your anxieties helps you to deal with your child’s first-day worries. After all, parents cannot afford to lose their wits as they prepare their children for the academic world. Instead, calm yourself and be proud because your baby is now a student.