Making Food Safety a Priority in Australia

Two Chef Serving Food

In Australia, food poisoning cases reach approximately 4.1 million every year. These cases result in an annual average of one million visits to physicians, 31, 920 hospitalisations, and 86 deaths. If you believe that we are what we eat, then you will find these numbers highly problematic. This is why…

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Online High School Classes: What’s In It For Students

Blue E-Learning Button on a Keyboard

A high school diploma can mean a big difference and open doors for opportunities for a person. That is why completing high school is imperative. While high school is one of the best years for many, not everyone has the time and privilege to attend actual classes. Some teens have…

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Choosing Toys for Speech Development: What To Know and Do

Child Playing with Toys

Every child is a special gift for parents. As such, it is just normal for parents to worry when their child remains quiet. Some children will need help from a speech therapist while others meet this milestone a bit later during the toddler years. If the child is not diagnosed…

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What You Need to Do to Land a Job in Tech

There are so many Einsteins today. Innovations are sprouting everywhere, each with their purpose and characteristic. One may have never thought that this day would come so early, but it is happening, and it is changing the world. As life advances, professionals must ride the change. And what better way…

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The Road to Becoming a Successful Computer Engineer

Computer technology is on the rise and there’s no stopping it, especially with all the innovations available today. Due to this, more people are studying computer engineering both for software and hardware. As technical it may be, a degree in computer engineering can provide a good future not only in…

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Encourage Kids to Learn at the S.E.A. Aquarium

Just because June holidays are here, it doesn’t mean learning should stop for kids. Learning about nature in the great outdoors is an obvious choice, sure, but given Singapore's humid climate, you are better off spending time indoors on some days of the vacation period. Fortunately, Sentosa has plenty of…

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Take Kids for a Fun-Filled Weekend at Sentosa

Overseas getaways are always an alluring prospect, the stuff of daydreams during idle moments at work or school. However, travelling far abroad isn’t always a feasible option, and requires much planning beforehand. Luckily, Singapore’s very own tropical destination has much to offer: Sentosa Island packs an incredible amount of fun…

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Will Switching to a Vegan Diet Affect Your Dental Health?

People who are transitioning to a plant-based diet may wonder whether it would affect the state of their oral health. After all, removing certain foods in one’s diet could drastically impact a person’s overall well-being, and that includes the teeth. Although vegans tend to have a greater awareness of how…

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