Oriental Express: Travelling in Southeast Asia

Travelling in Southeast AsiaTravelling to Asia will expose you to diverse cultures, colourful traditions, and interesting people. But if you want to explore the convergence of the past, the present, and the future, you might want to consider visiting Southeast Asia.

From food to nightlife, there are surely a lot of things to love about the oriental region. Whether you’re planning to marvel at the Angkor Wat, frolic under the Boracay sun, or pay an entrance fee to see Sentosa in Singapore, you can make your sojourn a whole safer and more exciting.

Plan Your Transport

Some of the countries in Southeast Asia have a fully developed transport system. But getting from point A to point B via aeroplane can be expensive. As such, you may consider travelling by train or bus. You can travel overnight together with the locals. What’s good about this option is that the money you saved on transport can be used for other purposes, such as accommodations, food, and sight-seeing.

Explore Other Destinations

The key destinations in Southeast Asia are popular for a reason. But if you find some of them a bit overrated, you can always choose to travel to and explore nearby locations. If you find Boracay a bit crowded, you may visit Palawan or some beaches in Cebu. If you think that Kuala Lumpur is saturated with tourists, why not visit Penang and Langkawi?

There is Fraud, Unfortunately

Just like other popular destinations around the world, there are also a lot of scammers and frauds in Southeast Asia. Be careful when dealing with taxi drivers, as some may attempt to extort you. Market vendors may price their products too high. Just be wary and alert. Don’t warm up to someone easily.

Southeast Asia is such a beautiful destination. Keep these tips in mind to make your trip more fun and memorable!