Musculoskeletal Disorders and Dental Practice: Why Use Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic ChairsWhether it is teeth whitening, root canal or dental implant, performing a wide range of dental procedures requires precision, care, and concentration. Practicing dentistry, without a doubt, comes with great responsibility. Therefore, there’s no wonder that repetitious hand movements and awkward postures may make many dentists vulnerable to injuries and other serious health problems.

As most practitioners find themselves in an uncomfortable position all day whenever treating a patient, they are likely to experience chronic pain that lead to musculoskeletal disorder. As a result, most of them retire earlier than desired.

Ergonomic Risks That Dentists Face

The prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal problems in dentists has been the subject of several studies in the United States. Researchers decided to focus more on the pain and discomfort experienced by the practitioners on neck, lower back, shoulders, and wrists. Some people may not consider this big deal, but musculoskeletal disorders may affect a dental practice’s bottom line.

As The Brewer Company explains, “Nagging musculoskeletal injuries erode production revenue through fatigue, missed days, workers compensation claims and the inefficiencies of retraining temporary hires or staff replacements. Your production is only as good as your wellbeing and that of each member of your team.”

Though a sitting position doesn’t require a lot of physical effort compared to walking, it puts stress on the lumbar area. This is where ergonomic seating comes in handy.

Role of Ergonomic Seating

Some of the most common ergonomic issues dental practitioners face include poor working postures, lack of adjustable equipment, and sustained muscular contractions during long hours of procedures. With ergonomic seating, however, it may reduce back pain and spinal muscle degeneration.

A well-designed ergonomic chair, which supports the lower back and encourages good posture, may help dentists function comfortably and at peak efficiency.

Choosing a suitable chair is important to prevent health problems caused by poor sitting posture. A safe working environment helps reduce the days lost to back injuries.