Most Enjoyable Activities for Families in Jordan

Jordan, City of PetraWith its lyrical beauty and picturesque charms, Jordan is a mystifying yet enchanting piece of land that offers several opportunities for cultural explorations and religious sightseeing for the entire family. From camel rides in Petra to breathtaking views at the Dana Nature Reserve to intriguing appeal of the Dead Sea, Jordan is a fascinating bundle of beauty and mystery. Here are some of the country’s top things to do for families.

Take an LDS Tour

Take a fun-filled and enriching family LDS trip in Jordan. and other travel companies noted that many locals conduct enjoyable and interactive LDS tours for the family in Jordan en route to Israel. These tours may halt at significant religious places such as the Jericho, where fascinating scriptural events occurred. Among the special significant sites where the baptism of Christ took place and the point from where Israelites traversed into the Cannan region.

Floating in the Dead Sea

The mineral rich Dead Sea can bring out the hidden child in every adult with its sink-proof waters and underwater escalators. Get smothered in the rich, natural mud, while you enjoy floating in water for some serious family-friendly fun 1,312 ft. below sea level. Post-dip, head to the Dead Sea Panorama museum to learn more about the sea and the disturbing rate at which it’s shrinking.

Witnessing Panoramic Petra Sunsets

An entire city carved out a rock, Petra is a captivating historic city known for its ancient ruins and erstwhile heritage monuments. The ruined capital of an Arab sect, it offers plenty of exploration opportunities for archeologically inclined families. Take a mesmerizing sunset camel back ride or tuck into a hearty plate of grilled meat at a local café. Visit the famous Treasury and the Temple of the Winged Lions to relive the region’s ancient eras through structures.

There are many things to do in Jordan’s historically rich and generously endowed ancient settings. From catching the rock-city Petra’s landscape at sundown to taking an LDS trip to Israel to witnessing the mysterious Dead Sea, the country is a never ending adventure.