More Chinese Tourists Flock to Queensland for a Vacation

Affordable accommodation in Bundaberg

The Queensland state government said that the number of Chinese tourists have increased 34 percent in the past 12 months and will continue on in 2017.

A new flight offering from China Eastern Airlines will help in maintaining this trend, as 18,000 more people are expected to fly to the state this year. Nearly 490,000 tourists went on a trip in the state in the past year, according to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Palaszczuk said that the government plans to support the growth in Chinese visitors by building a second airport runway as well as expanding aviation facilities.

Sights and Attractions

Ever heard of the Bundaberg Rum? The name derives itself from the city located near sunny beaches on the east coast. Accommodation in Bundaberg, such as those offered by Coral Villa Motel, is considered to be more affordable than other more popular cities such as Brisbane, but that doesn’t mean the experience will be less enjoyable.

For busy locals that live in other states, spending long vacations in Queensland can be possible if you plan the timing of your trip. You just have to learn how to maximise your annual leave.

Paid Time Off

There are times that most employees feel that 20 days of paid time off (PTOs) from work just doesn’t seem to be enough. But if you live in the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Victoria, you could those stretch those vacation leaves up to 56 days.

People in those three states can enjoy the longest breaks based on data that analysed the perfect combination of weekends and holidays, so filing leaves in between these days can extend your time away from work.

Assuming your job isn’t too strict about PTOs, you can go on a vacation for up to 23 consecutive days in April this year. That comprises 12 PTOs, eight weekends and three public holidays.

Before getting excited, make sure your boss explicitly approved your plan. It won’t be nice to end a vacation knowing you no longer have a job when you return home.