Moms Flying with Kiddos: A Travel Made Easier

travel planeThe idea of flying with your kids for the first time is probably causing you a lot of stress. To make matters worse, your husband will not be around to help you. The prospect of keeping your children quiet, seated and happy during the flight can seem like an impossible task. But, with these tips, travelling with your kids will be a lot easier.

Pack Smartly

Before you leave for the airport, make sure to check in and secure your seat assignment online. Print the boarding passes and place them in your carry-on. Your itinerary and the map of your destination should also be included.

Rent a Car

Find cheap hire cars Perth travellers usually rent to pick you up at home and drop you off at the airport. Car rental services are slightly more affordable than taxi services, as the metre doesn’t run continuously. If you choose this service, book ahead and don’t forget to request for a car seat upon booking. Confirm the time and the type of car seat you need before you travel.

Go to the Airport Early

As you’ll be travelling with kids, it’s important to get to the airport early. An extra time at the airport will give your children some opportunity to relax and play for a while. Ask if there’s an airport play area or find an empty gate area where your kids can run a little while you check the bags.

Make Your Kids Fly in Diapers

If your kids are newly potty trained, they should wear diapers when flying. With all the stress and chaos happening at the airport, you just can’t get your children to pee easily when you want them to.

Use a Family Lane

Use a family lane if it’s available. At most airports, there are more agents in this area who help families gather all their stuff. There’s also a little bit of extra space where your kids can put on shoes.

Prepare Your Kids for Takeoff

Young children have no idea about clearing their ears to reduce pressure during takeoff and landing. Thus, you need to help them. A gum is a good aid for older children. For babies, on the other hand, you can use a pacifier.

Flying for the first time with kids is not something you will dread if you know exactly what to do. Keep the above tips in mind for a fun adventure with your little one.