Mixed-use Developments: Reshaping Metro Manila’s Urban Landscape and Lifestyle

Residential and commercial developments in CebuMixed-use developments have become an integral part of Metro Manila’s urban landscape. In some of the country’s fast-growing cities, such as Cebu and Davao, this trend has become the ideal model in forming new neighborhoods and business centers.

By definition, a mixed-use community is a fusion of residential and commercial developments that aim to improve walkability and play down the use of private vehicles. The layout is compact and located at the core of the city, and often adjoined to already established retail centers and urban amenities.

Creating Better Communities

Ideally, it is built on the promise of making better neighborhoods, by bringing everyone close to everything so residents may experience the urban lifestyle at its finest. This development model has worked so well in Metro Manila – a city of differentiated lifestyle choices.

Rockwell Center, a high-end, mixed-use area in Makati City, is the archetype of this development model. Right at the core of it is the Power Plant Mall, adjoined by soaring condominium towers, professional schools, commercial establishments, office buildings and various types of public spaces.

Mixed-use areas like Rockwell Center are ever-expanding, as they attract droves of businesses, investors and people looking to join the neighborhood. The latest addition to the neighborhood is theprosceniumatrockwell.com, a complex of towering residences designed by world-renowned architect Carlos Ott, who also happens to be the genius behind the world’s only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The ongoing luxury residential and commercial complex speak urban luxury at its finest.

Urban Life at its Finest

The inherent convenience in mixed-use communities is what attracts millions of residents and businesses. But people and businesses that reside in these areas enjoy more perks beyond practicality. When everything you need is just a short walking distance from your home, including your work, there are bigger chances to lead a healthier, happier life.

Mixed-use communities are a beautiful fusion between the integrated township and business district. They hold a certain character and vibrancy that you can’t find anywhere else. It exudes luxury, but not in an intimidating way. In fact, residences and condominiums have been increasingly affordable to many young professionals, new couples, and growing families.

In just a decade, mixed-use developments have shaped Metro Manila’s skyline and urban lifestyle. They have created beautiful residences, work, and business environments, and leisure spaces, offering a better life for people who call Metro Manila home.