Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning the Piano

Little girl playing the pianoLearning to play the piano might seem like a lot of work, especially when you are starting out. But like any musical lesson, you can improve your skills through constant practice and focus. But you should avoid these common mistakes when learning to play the piano.

Poor Posture

Correct posture is one of the fundamental piano playing basics. You should not sit too low or too high, too far away or too close. If you fail to practice the right posture during your piano lessons in Lehi, you might end up with constant backaches and stiff shoulders. You can avoid this easily by being mindful of how you sit at the piano. Keep both feet parallel to each other and planted on the ground.

Not Practising

There is no way you will become a good piano player if you are not consistent with practice. Most people are ambitious in the beginning, but after a few weeks of training, the sessions become infrequent. If you want to excel, make practising part of your daily schedule.

Jumping Levels

Some levels might seem easy, and you may be tempted to skip on to other challenging levels. Becoming a pro at playing the piano should be progressive. For you to understand the next level, you should complete the current one first. Piano mastery starts when you don’t skip any lesson.

Ignoring the Fingering

Most piano learners know that they should follow the correct fingering, but they do not understand the importance. Even though it may not seem necessary or natural for now, it will make a big difference when playing hard songs.

If you have been making these mistakes, write down everything you want to change and keep a list on your piano. Signing for piano lessons is essential. It’s time to say goodbye to the mistakes and welcome improvements.