Married to the Sea: How to Fall in Love at a Cruise Ship

Romantic cruising experienceA cruise is a romantic experience. Sure, it’s a hassle-free vacation. Sure, it’s a learning experience when you get to mingle with people from different cultures. It’s many things at once, but it’s also one of the most amorous settings in the world.

Out at sea, sometimes, you have no choice but to drop anchor in a sea of love. But how do you do it right? Or perhaps, is there a way to do it right? Whether you’re travelling with Cruise Lady or going on your very own shore excursion trip, there is a certain etiquette exclusive when you’re out in the sea of love.

Meet People

According to a survey, 80% of cruisers feel more amorous at sea. Perhaps this is why books, films and plays use cruises as the setting for romance. Whether you’re on this journey alone or with your group of friends, let yourself mingle and meet new people. Although the relationships you build out in the sea may not endure on land, it’s a vacation and you literally have nothing to lose but time.

Let Go

When you are out at sea, you have a feeling of being away from it all – from work, from the hustle of the city, from everything that stressed you and made you want to go into a vacation. So while you’re at it, let loose and let go. Tour the ship, pamper yourself, watch the sun set and let the cruise breathe new energy into your old relationship or be the stage for a new one. You can also use the time to strengthen your faith.

Make it Worth It

Whether you were fortunate enough to meet someone during the cruise or not, let this vacation help you appreciate life for all its worth. The sea is wide and vast and deep, like you are. Let this vacation help you fall in love with yourself a little more. Spend time alone just looking out into the ocean or people watch just after sun down. Write down your thoughts. Take photos of yourself.

When you get back to dry land, once more, you’ll realize the few weeks you spent out at sea has made you fall deeper in love not just with yourself, but with the wonders of sea, as well: as a setting for journeying and for loving, and maybe even strengthening your faith.