Maqui Delphinol: The New Acai?

maqui berryYou’ve probably heard the wonders that berries can do for your health, but have you heard about the maqui berry? Maqui berries are indigenous to Chile and have been used by the natives for centuries for their medicinal properties. Now you can experience the full health benefits of maqui berries with Maqui Delphinol products. Read this brief discussion from Herbal Powers to learn more:

What is Maqui Delphinol?

Maqui Delphinol contains maqui berry extracts rich in certain flavonoid species called anthocyanins; more specifically, delpinidins. These delphinidins are extremely bright purple and can be found in a majority of berries. But, maqui berries have significantly larger concentrations of delphinidin, which lends them their deep purple color — almost black. Studies indicate that maqui berries indeed contain the highest concentrations of delphinidins among other berries.

Maqui Delphinol for Controlling Blood Sugar

Control your blood sugar the natural way by taking Maqui Delphinol products after every meal. This supplement is capable of extending dietary carbohydrate control to comprise sucrose and glucose. Because Delphinol facilitate delayed absorption of glucose, it aids in extending the time period in between hunger pangs. This not only aids blood sugar control, but reduced caloric intake as well. Maintained control of blood sugar levels will also allow your brain to sustain focus and activity for longer amounts of time, which leads to premature concentration loss and fatigue.

Maqui Delphinol for Fighting Free Radicals

Currently, maqui berries are considered to be the leading superantioxidant since it reportedly contains the highest antioxidant levels among all fruits. It has an ORAC antioxidant value of roughly 27,600 for every 100 milligrams as opposed to the more popular acai berries with an ORAC score of only 16,700. They also contain ample amounts of vitamin c, iron, potassium, and calcium among others.

Maqui Delphinol for Endurance

Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and even exercise enthusiasts can benefit from Maqui Delphinol. Those who engage in activities demanding extreme endurance have all experienced “hitting the wall” at some point in their lives—this is the point where you exhaust all your body’s reserve carbohydrates resulting in a painful decline in performance. With Delphinol, you can increase the period of time until you deplete your reserve carbohydrates due to its ability to sustain dietary carbohydrate absorption.