Making Your Boat Seaworthy is Easy

Make Boat Sailing SeaworthyWhether it's a new boat or a pre-owned one, you'll need to work hard to make sure it's in its top shape after purchasing. This is important if you plan to take your boat out for a spin, but even more so that you are safe in the face of the raging sea water. Here are some checks you can run through your boat to make sure it's seaworthy.

Start With the Basics

Part of the basic checks you need to carry out begins with the boat's upholstery and flooring. Make sure the upholstery is firm and the stitching is tight. You can also buy boat sheets to ensure your boat's safety and to preserve the upholstery's quality. Other than this, you also need to do checks on the boat's hatches and doors, ladders, rails, grab handles, as well as the windshield and the hull. 

Check that all screws are tight and all doors stay latched even when the waves get big and wild. It's also important that you check every switch and lever to make sure they are functioning properly. Any sign of malfunction should be attended to. Ensure that all wirings are easy to trace and are free of corrosion.

Take Her Out

After doing a basic check up on all the parts of your boat and after being confident that it’s in its top shape, take your boat out for a sea trial. During sea trial, observe if the boat feels solid. It helps to go out when the waves are reasonable but also challenging, to make sure the boat stays solid even when you take on a wave.

Seek Approval

Finally, once your boat survived its test spin, make sure you have it approved by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Their verification that your boat is ready to sail is the best assurance that your boat is now seaworthy. The next thing you need to do now is to study and master proper boating rules.

It’s a whole different world out there in the ocean. Sail and explore, but do it safely.