Living Alone: Habits that Will Preserve Your Sanity

Living AloneAdmit it: you never thought silence could be so frustrating. Nearly every person who dares to live alone for the first time tends to feel this way. Before you take that bold step out of the house you share with college buddies to chase your American dreams, vow to preserve your sanity by adopting these habits.

Smile and Say Hello

People unconsciously seclude themselves when arriving in a new environment. While normal, maintaining a certain level of aloofness for a long time can be disadvantageous. Apart from feeling estranged from your new community, it also limits your options whenever you experience emergencies that involve your health and your security. says looking for home rentals in friendly neighborhoods makes it easier to reach out and befriend the people in your new home. And don’t forget that community gatherings exist for that purpose. If making time to attend those events benefits your safety and remedies your shyness, you should go.

Maximizing Your Privacy

Putting up posters of Ringo Starr, dancing to The Best Song Ever, and laying out the tiger mat that looks awkward in your Victorian-style living room hardly justify the meaning of maximizing your privacy. You may never get the chance to live alone again if you have plans of getting married or moving in with someone in the future. Doing what you want to do without the fear of inconveniencing others enables you to explore your creativity, indulge your whims, and value self-love.

Inviting Sources of Motivation

Apart from keeping your social circle alive, inviting friends and family on a regular basis motivates you to clean your place. The compliments you’ll receive for maintaining an orderly home serves as an incentive for the hours you spent vacuuming the carpet.

Even if you only clean to give them a good impression (and avoid worrying them), you’ll discover that the confidence boost they provide will motivate you to keep your place tidy more often.

Tolerating Fruits and Vegetables

Now that you buy food only for yourself, you have no excuse to avoid the fruits and vegetable aisle. Eating healthy food and mixing it with a good exercise spares you from sudden bursts of loneliness. Living alone comes with that consequence, especially if you don’t own a pet. Focusing on living a healthier lifestyle serves as an inexpensive means to tolerating the silence of your home.

Living alone comes with perks you need to take advantage of. Developing these habits simplifies that pursuit and doubles the thrill of independence.