Life Hacks for a Brighter and Longer Lasting Dye Job

Coloured HairFirst things first—know that hair colour’s nightmare is actually water. Recent studies show that up to 80% of hair dye fading is caused by excessive water, not scrubbing or shampooing. Expert hairdressers from agree because hair dye can strip away your hair’s outer layer of lipids.

Similar to your skin’s natural oils, lipids make your locks smoother and softer, so their loss will negatively impact your hair health. Your hair will become more brittle and porous, so each time you shower, your coloured locks will absorb and then release water more easily. The water takes away with it some colour molecules, and with it your dye job. To minimise fading, keep in mind the following precautions.

  • Whatever colour you decide on, consider staying within several shades of your natural hair colour. If you go from brunette to a blonde shade, bleaching is required, which will make your hair more porous and susceptible to colour fading. As for going red, know that red hair dyes have larger colour molecules that can leach out faster than any other colour.
  • Wash your coloured locks less regularly. Consider dry shampoo every other day. Flip your hair over and then apply dry shampoo starting from the roots to absorb oil buildup.
  • Avoid over-rinsing your hair. After shampooing and conditioning your locks, don’t just stand under the shower and let water run down your hair.
  • Use cool or lukewarm water when rinsing, since heat makes hair colour leach more quickly. Hotter water equals faster colour fading.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner especially developed for colour treated hair. These gently protect your hair against fading. Avoid clarifying formulations, since these are very stripping and harsh on coloured hair.

Remember that proper and consistent hair care will ensure healthy, colour treated hair that’s shiny and smooth. Healthy hair can absorb hair dye more thoroughly and evenly than damaged locks—so the next time you have your hair coloured, your new dye job will be brighter, and stay brighter for a longer time.