Let the War Games Begin and Be the Victor in Life

War GamesToo much war games, some people say, is bad for you. Whether it’s from the couch with a controller or out on a field with a paintball gun, getting into military strategy games may get in your head.

Too much of anything is bad, but the occasional war game never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s beneficial for the frequent gamer.

Strategic Stress Reliever

A hard day’s work deserves time away from the deadlines and annoying bosses. With all that balled up stress, the idea of pursuing friends at Dash Paintball Complex or just bombing terrorists on your desktop seems like a good call.

Playing a game that requires all of your attention serves as a good distraction from daily stresses. Your intense focus on winning makes problems concerning deadlines and bosses temporarily vanish. It is a welcome relief from the daily grind.

Good Brain Exercises

Anyone who says war games will make you dumb hasn’t heard about recent studies that prove otherwise. According to research, strategy games promote ‘cognitive flexibility’, the ability to switch from one task to another instantaneously without slowing down.

Strategy games force you to attack, defend and plan all at the same time. The brain resorts to multi-tasking to accommodate all the demands. Regular play makes you better at balancing more than two tasks simultaneously.

Learn About the Importance of Planning

Military strategy games teach players about discipline. Charging into battle without thinking or planning is a recipe for disaster. Winning in military games stems from one motto: there is victory in preparation.

Regular play develops patience and planning, which is also applicable in real life. With good planning comes success, both in the game and in your daily comings and goings.

Military strategy games (played in moderation) do not just make you a better gamer. When you apply the lessons, you will also win at life.