Know the Adoption Process before Making a Decision

AdoptionYou might be thinking about putting your baby up for adoption, but you are having second thoughts. Before you decide, know the adoption process for the sake of your child. Find out the series of actions you need to take and if these ease your mind, go through with the adoption knowing your baby is in safe hands.

Planning and Preparing Yourself and Your Child for Adoption

You, as a mother, are the one who can best decide on what to do so your child grows up in a safe environment. You have the right to know everything before deciding to put your child up for adoption.

Give yourself enough time to understand the whole process to be fair to the would-be parents of your baby. Find out the answers to your concerns.

Ask the adoption agency if the child’s father needs to be involved with the process. Know the different kinds of adoptions and determine which suits you.

With open adoption, you have contact with the adoptive parents and the child. You may also have a say in choosing the adoptive parents and you can visit the child. Your involvement in the child’s life will depend on several factors, however.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

Trust your instincts; find a family you are comfortable with. Getting to know the adoptive family before placing your baby for adoption can be reassuring. This does not just mean using your gut instincts, of course.

With the help of your adoption specialist, determine whether the adoptive parents are fully committed to the idea of adoption or not. They should be willing to keep the lines of communication open through emails, phone calls and other available means. Note that you may not be involved in your child’s life if you go for a closed adoption, which gives you privacy and a sense of closure.

Now that you know more about the adoption process, feel at ease knowing that your child will go to a good family. Let go of your worries, and look forward to a brighter future for both you and your baby.