Kindergarten Classes: How Critical of a Role it Plays in a Child’s Development

Children in a kindergarten classEarly childhood pertains to the period of one’s life from birth up to eight years old. According to the experts at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), it is during this time that children experience the fastest growth and development phase of their lives. In other words, it is during this age range that their brains develop the quickest.

For this reason, many parents are now seeing great value in having their little ones take part in an accredited and well-established early childhood education program, such as the St. Edward School‘s kindergarten classes. Parents understand that exposing their children to a safe yet enjoyable learning environment strengthens the framework on which their subsequent development stands.

Development as a whole

Many people think that early childhood education only serves the purpose of preparing and supporting children as they go through the transition process into formal education. Indeed, this is one of the primary functions of kindergarten programs, but its benefits extend beyond that. It places great importance on the development of children as a whole, focusing on their many aspects of their health and well-being, including cognitive, physical, emotional, and social needs.

Basically, the goal of early childhood education is to help very young students establish roots for a lifetime of learning and growth.

The best possible start their life

Because kindergarten classes take place when the brain develops most, parents should already see this as an opportunity to give their kids the best start not just for their education, but their life, too. With these programs, children can begin building stronger foundations for many of their critical life skills, including those involving socialization, communication, self-esteem, morality, and a positive outlook.

And of course, since it is a form of learning, children who attend kindergarten will also have the chance to develop their cognitive skills early on.