Jobs that Pharmacy Graduates can apply for

PharmacistPharmacy graduates can find work in different areas — you can be a pharmacist in your community or be one in your local hospital. Pharmacy is one of the fastest growing areas in the medical industry, which offers a range of career opportunities.  It’s also one of the highest paying and in-demand jobs today. Start looking for a job that suits your pharmacy degree.  Here’s a list of jobs you can apply for:

Community Pharmacist

They’re responsible for selling medicine in local pharmacies and are the most accessible health care professionals you can encounter. They make sure that the medicines are properly distributed according to the doctor’s prescription. As a pharmacy graduate, this job is the most common position to look for.

Pharmacy Benefit Audit Specialist

These specialists conduct and manage PBM audit, which helps patients understand and reduce their pharmacy benefit costs better. When applying for this job, you should be an experienced pharmacist with knowledge of pharmacy benefits and PBM operations to gain the trust of your clients. PBM’s objective is to identify errors and problems in the administration that needs immediate action.

Hospital Pharmacist

They’re health care professionals found in a hospital’s pharmacy department. Like a community pharmacist, they’re responsible for giving medicines to patients. They work with doctors and nurses to make sure that there are no errors in the prescription given to patients.

Pharmacy Technicians

Also known as pharmaceutical technicians, they work under the supervision of a pharmacist. These health care providers can answers patients’ inquiries and change the prescription, if necessary. They assist in distributing medicines and other medical products to the consumers.


These health care providers usually work in a laboratory as part of a research team. They research on a range of medicinal drugs, including how they work. They also check medications if they’re safe and effective to use for both in and out patients.

Prepare your resume and begin to look for these jobs, whether online or in a newspaper’s job-opening column. Grab these opportunities and bag one of the highest paying jobs in the health care industry.