Is It Time to Hire a Professional Matchmaker? Here’s How to Know

Matchmakers in St Louis Park
With the ubiquity of dating apps and online sites, it may feel old-fashioned to still hire a professional matchmaker. But the truth is, many people who do actually end up tying the knot with the love of their lives.

The dating pool in Chicago is so big, so you might ask yourself why you should hire a professional matchmaker if you can simply go out and find dates at a singles bar, or a park, or a library, or wherever you want.

Well, if you’re serious about finding someone to be in a happy romantic relationship with, professional matchmaking is like skipping the line and getting ahead of everybody else. Here’s why. Here’s how to know if you’re ready to get yourself a matchmaker.

1.  You want someone you’re compatible with

Too often, we judge people based on their appearances. Isn’t that what goes on with Tinder? But you miss the chance to really get to know a person well. Matchmaking services will match you with someone not according to what you think you want, which is oftentimes confusing, but according to what your personality is compatible with.

2.  You’re tired of the creepy guys and gold-digging girls

Matchmakers pre-screen everyone who wants to join their service. This means you’re not going to end up with someone looking only for a casual fling or has a criminal history. If the matchmaker doesn’t want to date someone for themselves, they’re not going to recommend them to you.

3.  You want someone who’s ready to commit

Professional matchmakers aren’t cheap. You have to invest a decent amount of money to be able to get into their dating pool. That means you’ll only meet other people who are serious about finding someone to be in a relationship with and are ready for the responsibilities it entails.

4.  You’re tired of dating

You may have children to take care of, a business to run, or a career you like. Whatever it is, if you no longer have the time or energy to wade into the dating pool, hoping to find at least someone who’s decent enough to go on one date with, a professional matchmaker who can match you with high-quality, compatible matches is your friend.

LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking notes that having a professional matchmaker puts you in touch with other singles who share the same goals and desires as you. Sure, not everyone who joins a matchmaking service ends up with their soulmate, but you have significantly greater chances of meeting the right person for you.