Is it Really Possible to Rejuvenate Your Face Without Botox?

Look YoungerMany men and women try their very best to stave off the effects of ageing. In fact, when it comes to wrinkles and sagging skin, there is often little to be done except to undergo Botox. Botox and other cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers tighten the skin around the face and get rid of wrinkles.

Yet there are a few dentists who offer facial rejuvenation without the use of needles. Visiting dental practice websites like, patients may learn about a specialised mouthpiece known as Oralift.

Unlike conventional face rejuvenation procedures, Oralift is non-invasive and focuses on exercising the muscles instead. Many doubt the efficacy of this procedure, but there are those who swear by it.

Active Facial Muscles

As people age, the teeth become worn down and may eventually fall out. This causes the jaw to lose height, which leads to visible drooping and wrinkles around the smile line. There is also a little bit of muscle loss in the face, which also contributes to visible signs of aging.

Oralift works by activating the facial muscles with the use of a mouthpiece that resembles a mouth guard. The rubber piece fits against the molars and forces the jaw into a specific position. This adds a tiny bit of stress to the muscles, stimulating the production of collagen.

It is basically a type of exercise for the facial muscles, which gives the user a tighter, younger looking face.

Facial Rejuvenation Through Dentistry

Oralift has to be fitted by a dentist. As the teeth are highly variable, they have to be customised to suit the patient in order for it to be effective.

The Oralift mouthpiece is smaller than a traditional mouth guard and features two rectangular platforms on either side. The platforms, which are soft and malleable, adds height to the back teeth, bringing back that youthful appearance.

Like other dental appliances, the mouthpiece has to be worn for extended periods of time. The general recommendation is to wear it for two hours every other day for a handful of months.

So, is it really possible to have a rejuvenated face without the use of Botox? Some dentists seem to think so.