Invisalign Can Help with Weight Loss… Wait, What? How?

With a study findingInvisalign Braces that having straight teeth makes it easier to score a date because it is a component of looking “extra attractive just,” more people want to their teeth straightened. While Invisalign helps you achieve that megawatt smile and beautifully aligned teeth, would you believe that it can also help you shed a few extra pounds?

Sounds ridiculous and too good to be true? says Invisalign can work wonders; here’s the straight truth about it.

 Invisalign and Weight Loss: What’s the Link?

As you might already know, Invisalign braces are removable. This is one of the reasons many choose this treatment over traditional metal braces. Patients get the advantages of teeth-straightening treatment without anyone knowing they are even getting work done. Even better is how users can remove the aligners anytime they want.

Orthodontic practitioners say that Invisalign should be worn almost 20-22 hours a day. Whenever patients take them off to eat, teeth should be brushed before putting the aligners back into the mouth. Many dental practitioners and patients themselves observed that the frequency of impulse snacking is reduced because of the long time it takes to remove aligners, brush teeth, and put the appliance back in.

Still, others find that putting the aligners back in can be painful. The teeth are readjusting, so it’s normal to feel a little pain. Removing the aligners less frequently will then contribute to less snacking, too.

Because of reduced snacking, it is likely that patients who use Invisalign will want to stay hydrated. Most people find that they drink more water than they used to with Invisalign braces. Health professionals say that drinking a lot of water makes you feel fuller before eating. This leads to a reduction in food intake. Most patients have grown used to drinking more water that they don’t feel like drinking anything else, like the tempting sodas and other sugary liquids.

Apparently, Invisalign does not just give you that perfectly straight teeth and megawatt smile, but also help you lose those extra pounds. Consult your dentist now and know if Invisalign is the right treatment for you.