Interesting Historical Facts about Dentures

Modern DenturesMost people today complain about the fit and inconvenience of using dentures. It is uncomfortable while talking and eating. There is also the danger that it might fly out if you laugh too loud or sing too heartily, and embarrass you in public. 

However, if you know the history of false teeth, you would appreciate what you can get today from Sutton Coldfield, especially the dentures from The Sutton Implant Clinic.

They used teeth from the poor

Back in the late 18th century, sugar was rotting the teeth out of the mouths of the wealthy. Attempts to restore and improve the look of their teeth, such as whitening the teeth with acid, only made it worse. They lost most of their teeth as a result. The solution was to buy and pull healthy teeth from poor people and placing it on an ivory base plate. The typical cost for a set of dentures was £100, which is about £15,700 in 2016.

They used dead men’s teeth

However, supply was scarce, until the Battle of Waterloo. Scavengers pulled out the teeth of the fallen and sold it for use in dentures. These dentures gave rise to the term 'Waterloo Teeth'. The practice of using human teeth stopped around the middle of the 19th Century because it became illegal to get teeth from corpses. It was also around this time that technological developments made it unnecessary. Porcelain 'tube' teeth and vulcanite (a compound of India rubber) base replaced human teeth and ivory in dentures.

They used plastic

It was only in the 1950s that an acrylic base and teeth invented to replace vulcanite and porcelain, which were both easier to use and looked better. They were also a lot lighter. Later developments along the same lines better simulated the look of natural teeth until it came to modern dentures now available at affordable prices from any NHS or private dental practice.

It is easy to complain about dentures today for being less than natural teeth. However, if you knew what people had to use before, and how pricey it was, you will feel a lot better about your dentures today.