Inflatable Splints: The Power of Improvisation

BandageIn most cases, splinting is not necessary for joint or bone injuries, especially if medical professionals can arrive in under an hour. The process of bandaging and splinting is quite difficult because even the slightest movements can cause further damage. However, there are certain conditions when a splint may be necessary.

When Splinting is Necessary

To know if you need to make your own improvised inflatable splint, experts who took senior first aid courses in Perth noted that it’s best to assess the situation of the person. Determine if professional care will arrive late and if you need to move or transport the injured. Figure out if they are suffering from extreme pain, as splinting can help relieve it and recognise if the limb is in a normal alignment. 

However, splinting is not necessary if professional help will arrive within an hour and if you do not need to move the injured person. You do not have to create this equipment if their pain is manageable and if the limb does not align normally.

How to Create Improvised Inflatable Splints

Whenever you find yourself in an emergency and determine that a person needs inflatable splints, grab a stretch wrap, duct tape and a 3×4 self-inflating mattress. Begin by laying the non-inflated mattress beside the injured limb, ensure that you close the air valves and position them near the foot.

Next, advise the injured that you will slowly lift their limb to position the mattress. Do warn them that it will hurt, but you will try your best to do it as fast as you can lessen the pain. You then need to wrap it around the mattress using duct tape, so it remains in place. Afterwards, use the stretch wrap to cover the mattress around ensuring that it wraps the area of the mattress where the limb will be. You can now lower the limb and inflate the mattress.

This improvised equipment is useful in case somebody needs your first aid skills and you do not have the freedom to get everything you need. Keep the steps in mind to save a life.