Independent Living: The Myths and Why They’re Wrong

Independent LivingMoving to live in any place is always difficult at first. Anyone, however, will learn to adjust over time. Moving to a senior housing facility is not any different. In reality, it is actually more beneficial to everyone involved. Most people think that independent living is never a good idea. Here are some other myths people may believe about senior housing facilities.

Absence of help

Without your family there when you need them, you might think living in a retirement community can be lonely. According to, independent living facilities in Orem encourage interaction between residents and with the staff. The staff will always be there to assist you whenever you need any help. Most facilities offer 24-hour service so you can simply call them whenever you need something. In case of any emergency, you may have a feature in your apartment to call for help instantly.

Absence of hobbies

You might think moving out of your house and to a senior home means losing your hobbies such as gardening. Most independent living facilities offer a wide range of activities you may take part in. You might even find other hobbies to jump into when you start getting bored with the old one. The difference will be that you have other residents to share your hobbies with. You will never feel like you are alone and you can still learn many new things even at an old age.

Moving to a retirement home should not be a difficult event in your life. All you have to do is get into a community that you know you will enjoy living in. Check out several houses offering independent living in Orem. You can assess the quality of the place by visiting to see for yourself and asking questions to the staff and some residents. A good community seeks to help you become more productive in your stay.