Importance of Preschool Education to Your Child’s Growth

A group of multicultural preschoolers with their teacherAccording to child experts, sending your child to a good preschool program will prepare them not only for kindergarten, but beyond. However, finding the best facility for your child is easier said than done.

Smart Kids Development Center and other experts list some information that may be helpful in your search for your child’s ideal preschool in Salt Lake City:

Difference between Pre-school and Childcare

While often used interchangeably, a childcare center is an option for working parents who need help in taking care of their kids during the day. They accept toddlers and babies and offer full-year, full-time programs. Preschool, on the other hand, pertains to early childhood educational programs for three- to four-year-old kids. Some preschools offer part-time schedules like two to five times a week, a few hours each day.

Value of Preschool

Children gain many benefits from attending preschool. Aside from learning letters, numbers, and shapes, they experience how to socialize. They learn to share, participate in activities, and get along with others. Children who attend a year of high-quality preschool get into kindergarten with richer vocabularies, better basic math skills, and higher pre-reading skills than those who went straight to kindergarten.

What Children Learn from Preschool

Aside from socialization skills, preschool offers a place where your kid can explore, build confidence, play with other kids, and gain a sense of self. Children discover the things they can do on their own such as helping set the table, pouring their own drink, and handling bigger issues like deciding on how to spend their spare time. They also learn to ask questions about the world they live in. Reputable preschools guide the kids in finding the answers through experimentation, exploration, and conversation.

Choosing the Right Preschool

First, determine the location (near home or work) and hours. Check if the school is licensed to make sure that it meets the staffing and safety requirements. While some states exempt religious-funded preschools from complying with some or all the requirements, they usually meet the set standards anyway.

Keep these details in mind when searching for the right preschool to send your child to and see the results.