How to Reduce the Staining Effect of Tea

Teeth StainsIf you are like most Brits, tea is probably your preferred beverage. The sad part is, excessive or long-term consumption of tea can cause teeth stains and discolouration. In fact, it stains more than coffee because it contains high amounts of tannin, which is particularly true for darker varieties like black teas.

Tea goes through a process called oxidation, which affects how your pearly whites are discoloured. Heavily oxidised, fermented, or processed teas (like black teas) contribute to more staining. Fortunately, you do not have to give up tea to avoid discolouration. 

Teeth whitening centres in Hertfordshire suggest a few tips to reduce staining.

Drink or Rinse Mouth with Water

Make it habit to drink or rinse your mouth with water after drinking tea. This can help reduce the amount of sugar and tannins that attach to your pearly whites. You might also want to use a straw (mostly applicable to cold or iced teas) to avoid the contact of the fluid with the front surface of the teeth.

Keep Up with Good Oral Hygiene

It is possible to reduce stains or further discolouration by brushing your teeth daily. Be sure, however, to wait for at least an hour after drinking tea to avoid dental erosion. Brush at least twice a day, for two minutes each time using fluoride toothpaste.

Buy High-Quality Teas

While most teas may contribute to staining, high-quality products produce less staining effects. Top-of-the-line green teas (that may also be green in colour) are less likely to cause discolouration than brown ones or those with darker hues.

Add Some Milk

It is a good idea to add some milk to your preferred beverage to reduce stains. Research notes that milk decreases the tea’s ability to discolour your teeth because it has a protein that binds to the tannins, which then lowers the staining impact. This is especially true for cow or animal milk.

It is a good idea to limit your consumption of tea and other teeth-staining beverages like coffee or alcohol. You may also want to visit your dentist for cleaning or whitening treatment if you already have a noticeably yellow smile and want to lighten its colour.