How to Prevent Turning Retail Therapy into an Addiction

buy clothesIn 2004, data from the Australian Consumers’ Association showed nearly half of Australian households have high debt rates. Some of these cases involve impulsive buying and shopping addiction. Several claims suggest that 1 out of 12 shoppers suffers a case of oniomania or compulsive shopping. Experts say it is usually a response to self-esteem, depression, anger or anxiety.

This vicious cycle begins after discovering the wonders of retail therapy, which, according to studies, reduces stress levels and other health risks. Even with these benefits, however, you should prevent turning your weekend retail therapy into an obsession.

Take control

With a single click of the mouse, you can buy dresses online and ship a brand new pair of shoes. Simply everything can now get into your hands without visiting boutiques—and this is good to some extent.

This innovation in the retail industry, however, seemingly leads to compulsive shopping. Instead of buying every item on the Web, stick with your fashion style and specifically look for them on web pages. Don’t let a shiny piece drag you away from your core. This can help you reduce your shopping budget, which you can allot in other aspects.

Channel your feelings into writing.

This can turn into a healthy habit where you can release your stress and anxiety. You can also keep a daily log of your expenses along with the feelings associated with each item. This can help you reorganise your budget, focusing on more important things.

Keep yourself busy.

When you feel the urge to do something on a boring weekend, skip shopping and turn to community service instead. Spend time on coastal clean ups, and teach young children in the orphanage. You can also spend quality time with your family. Catch up with them over coffee or revisit your stash of movies at home. There are a lot of things you can do to avoid swiping your credit card.

Don’t let your weekend retail therapy turn into an obsession even when there’s a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in doing it. Yes, an affordable and accessible fashion straight off the runway entices every shopper, but don’t lose yourself and your fashion core in the process.