How these Aligners Turned the World of Orthodontics Around

Woman Wearing InvisalignDental braces. The first thing that you might have pictured in your mind is the traditional oral appliance comprised of metal brackets and wires. And while these orthodontic treatments are still common nowadays, it does not automatically mean they are your only teeth-straightening options.

Much thanks to the Invisalign system, you can correct issues with the alignment of your teeth – or even with your bite – quickly and without people even knowing. Through the Invisalign treatment here in London, you will soon find yourself smiling a lot more.

Changing your teeth’s appearance inconspicuously

When you choose to receive this orthodontic treatment, your chosen Invisalign-trained dentist will contact the headquarters to order aligners specifically tailored to the layout of your mouth. The team will then use the patented SmartTrack® material to produce your custom-made aligners.

This special and proprietary material comes with numerous benefits. It also plays a major role in giving the aligners their inconspicuousness. In other words, since they are virtually invisible, you do not have to worry about them affecting your smile. Most people will not even notice that you have them on.

Continuously working behind the scenes

The Invisalign treatment typically involves patients receiving and wearing new aligners on a weekly (or bi-monthly) basis. This depends on the status of your teeth when you first came in, and how they respond to the appliances. In general, though, the aligners will gently move your teeth into an ideal location.

For many patients, this gradual teeth movement does not cause them any pain or discomfort. Your Invisalign dentist will also ask you to come in for check-ups every six weeks or so, as this will allow him/her to determine your teeth’s alignment progress.

Overall, Invisalign gives you the chance to improve not just your smile, but many aspects of your oral health too. And the fact that it is almost invisible further adds to its appeal and overall value.