Hide and Sick: 3 Surprising Health Risks Lurking in Your Home

living roomSometimes, buying cheaper is not always better—in most cases, it is downright risky. Cheaper furniture, fixtures, and accessories can quickly deteriorate and put you at risk for of a host of health problems.

If you love buying cheap products, your home is probably full of hidden health hazards. From the kitchen cupboards to the bedroom closet, those everyday household items are carrying germs and bacteria that can potentially affect your health. Fortunately, it’s easy to remedy the situation if you know exactly what to look for and take action immediately.

Here is a look at some of the most surprising health risks that could be lurking inside your home:

Mould, Fungus, and Dust Mites on Carpet

The presence of a musty smell inside your home can be due to a filthy carpet. If it’s an old and cheap carpet or rug, there could be mould and fungus hiding deep within the fibres. Carpeting can serve as home to dust mites, too, which are tiny bugs that feed on dust and dead skin and can cause asthma attacks.

According to the experts at Emerald Carpet Cleaning, shampooing and steam cleaning the carpets alone won’t kill mould, fungus, or dust mites. It’s always best to call on professionals to kill the colonies.

Ammonia from Household Cleaners

Ammonia has been a reliable household cleaning product for decades, but you also need to make sure you keep this particular cleaning product out of the hands of young children. Ammonia-based cleaning products are one of the strongest solutions out there, and even mild inhalation of it can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Keep them out of reach of children and always wear gloves and mask when using them. Or better yet, try using organic cleaners.

Toxic Compounds from Furniture Polish

Much like ammonia, inhaling furniture polish poses serious health risks, including what the experts call polish poisoning. You can also experience eye irritation when spraying the product directly on furniture.

Try not to spend too much time lingering around the areas where you spray. If you need to polish your furniture, take breaks.

Always clean your carpets and avoid inhaling cleaners and furniture polish. Awareness regarding these hidden hazards, as well as vigilance, can save lives.