Here’s Why Learning in a Small Class Size is Better

toddlers with a teacher Education is one of the basic necessities for the younger generation today. And there’s always been a debate on whether students learn better in small or big class groups. While this really isn’t an issue in toddlers and younger kids, it changes once they reach the higher levels.

City Academy, a public charter school that offers middle and high school in Salt Lake City, believes that small class structures give the students more attention and helps them focus more on their education. There are many other reasons why small classes work better. Here’s a look at the top 5.

1. It’s Easier to Identify Learning Issues

When a student from a large class has trouble understanding one topic, the teacher may not be able to give them enough time to make sure they fully understand it. It’s easier in smaller classes because there’s less time pressure for both student and teacher.

2. Encourages a Stronger Class Bond

Larger classes tend to form several separate groups because of the diversity of people. Smaller classes give each student a chance to interact with everyone else, creating a stronger bond within the class that can encourage support in learning.

3. Promotes a Better Student-Teacher Relationship

Teachers in small classes have more time to check on each student. This helps build a better and healthier relationship because of the time they get to spend together on each lesson or issue that they want to resolve.

4. Classes Can Cover More Ground

Since it’s easier to help students in a small class understand their lessons, it makes moving through the lesson plan faster, covering more ground in a smaller period of time.

5. Lightens the Teacher’s Stress Load

Smaller classes don’t only work for the students but for the teachers as well. Having to think of more students adds to the stress of a teacher. Less students equals less worries equals less teacher’s stress.

Students have the right to learn in an environment that’s closer, more organized, and conducive to better focus. If your kids have been struggling with their large class, maybe it’s time to switch to a smaller one.