Helping your Teeth to Look their Best

Woman Undergoing Cosmetic DentistryYour teeth are integral to the way you look. Your appearance is key to your sense of self-assurance. If you are having any issues with your teeth then you might want to consider giving yourself the gift of restoration and polishing to brighten your day. Cosmetic dentistry can help.

How Can Your Dentist Help?

You already know that a dentist is the person to see if there is anything wrong with the health of your teeth. But what about the way they appear? Do you know all the treatments that are available to you? When you visit a clinic like Edinburgh Dental Specialists in Edinburgh, you may get a whole range of suggestions. Do not worry, your dentist will help you sort through them all and decide which ones will have the biggest impact.

Financing Your Treatment

Treatments that are mainly for cosmetic benefit are rarely available on the NHS so you will need to finance the work yourself.

In order to help you do this and budget accordingly, your dentist should initially be able to provide you with an overall estimate of costs based on previous treatments. Over the course of subsequent investigative appointments, your quote will get more accurate based on the specific conditions in your mouth and your requirements.

For a simple treatment like teeth whitening, they will be able to give you an all-inclusive cost straight away.


Once you have had a treatment, you will want to be able to maintain the effect for as long as possible. Many cosmetic treatments require very little in the way of special maintenance but it is recommended that you pay particular attention to your dental hygiene.

For example, if you have had a veneer fitted, it is likely to last between five and 10 years. It is stain resistant but still supported on the tooth underneath. If you do not look after your teeth, the health of the supporting tooth could be affected and thus reduce the lifespan of your veneer.

For something like teeth whitening, you may want to avoid certain dark foods or drinks like coffee, red wine and chocolate or, at least, brush your teeth after you have them. You will be able to top up a whitening treatment in a shorter amount of time than it took initially and this can help to keep your smile bright and beautiful.