Has Modern Advertising Gone Too Far With Dentistry?

Dental Advertising‘Teeth in an hour’. Sounds funny, improbable and spooky at the same time. Sure, the dental brochure that read Salt Lake City had other services written all over it – dental implants or corrective jaw surgery etc. – but a casual observer would barely read them through.

That is the power of a modern-day advertising. It pulls you in, it enthralls you. But truth to tell, aggressive marketing has a dark side. Tip: it’s not always true.

Coke: Open Happiness

Let’s take a classic example: Coke and it’s Open Happiness theme. Sounds like all you have to do to be happy is to open one cold drink. But the question is, is it the truth?

Fetching the Truth

The answer could be not quite. In a recent 2014 article from Atlanta, the title read: Coca-Cola Misleads Consumers that Coke is Natural, Healthy.

The lawsuit filed at the federal court of Massachusetts detail, Coca-Cola sales “are fueled by false and deceptive representations that Coca-Cola is not only a healthy product, but one free of artificial flavoring and chemical preservatives.”

But what is all the more disturbing is what follows, “Faced with clear evidence that it was losing market share because consumers increasingly preferred beverages..”

Full Circle

Does that apply to all dental services? Of course not. The title of the article is merely a metaphor for the lengths to which ad agencies will go to net a customer.
Fortunately, dental and oral care is not something like Coke or the recent advertising fiasco from Red Bull. Dental maintenance is a proven necessity, without which you will have gum disease or a whole row of teeth replaced by Salt Lake City dental implants. Most dental clinics offer such services, even other cosmetic dentistry procedures, like whitening.

Advertising and marketing bombard people’s brains with images and text a million times in an hour. As for ‘teeth in an hour’? Sounds preposterous. Brush your teeth instead.