Hair Removal: Know your Options

Hair Removal in UtahHair grows all year round. To enjoy the summer the whole month long, people opt to enlist hair removal services in Davis County. suggests you get to know about different hair removal types and find one that would suit you best. 

Types of hair removal 

There are three most common types of hair removal. The most basic one is shaving. It is done by using a razor and cream to remove unwanted hair.

The second one is through waxing. There are two types of waxes, cold wax, and hot wax. Cold wax is used in strips. Press the strips to your desired area and then pull.

Hot wax, on the other hand, involves melting the wax onto and is then evenly spread to the skin until it covers the target area. Once cooled, it is ready to be pulled and removed.

Basically, waxing works by pulling the hair out through the use of wax and can thus be painful.

Last is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal involves the use of laser technology to destroy hair roots and follicles with light. This results in a semi-permanent to permanent hair-free body parts. 

Effects of hair removal 

Different methods provide different results. Shaving gives temporary results as hair is only removed superficially. Hair grows back after 1-3 days and leaves skin coarser and hair follicles thicker.

Waxing provides a longer solution as waxed areas generally last for 2-6 weeks before hair starts growing back. It can be done at home with strips and wax, or done in clinics by professionals.

Laser hair removal is a more expensive and permanent solution which should be performed by a licensed professional as it involves the use of technology that can affect one’s health if used wrongly. It requires sessions before the hair is completely removed. Very fine hair can grow after a few months or even years but they are so fine that they can be negligible.

With these choices available, surely, nothing would stop you from having the best (hairless) body that would suit your bikini this summer!