Golden Retrievers: The Ideal, Constant Companion, Man’s Best Friend

RetrieverMost people consider dogs as man’s best friend. However, not all dog breeds are so friendly. Sure, they all look cute and cuddly when they are puppies. It is when they grow up that you could have a problem.

To find a family pet, you want one what is friendly and trainable, but not too high maintenance. Here are some reasons to start looking for golden retriever dog breeders.


Golden retrievers are currently the third most popular breed of dogs in the US, according to the American Kennel Club. They are close contenders to Labrador retrievers and the German Shepherds.

As a family pet, though, golden retrievers are ideal. They are friendly, tolerant and eager to please. This makes them popular with adults and kids alike. They are largely obedient and devoted if they have enough daily exercise and attention.


Golden retrievers are large sporting dogs. The typical golden retriever is about 70 lb and 22 inches in height. Originally bred in England in the 1800s as gun dogs, which means they retrieve game (hence the name), they have a strong neck and powerful legs. They can travel long distances without much effort, and do not mind going into the water. Agile and athletic with a medium level of energy, they make good working dogs.


Golden retrievers have been successfully field tested for hunting and tracking. They also make excellent guide dogs. This means that they are highly trainable and smart. They can be very exuberant and enthusiastic, but with the right training, they do very well at a given task. Golden retrievers are particularly good at competitive obedience.

Golden retrievers are a hardy breed. They have a medium length coat that requires regular brushing but not much else. Their nails tend to grow quickly, and need regular clipping. Overall, the golden retriever makes a great pet for most families.