Give Your Mom Something to do in Retirement

senior independent livingOne of the most intimidating moments in the retirement life is that first morning when a senior wakes up with nothing to do. People who live active lives can usually get all their chores done before noon without having to hurry off to their jobs. This gives them the rest of the day to do whatever they want, which becomes a problem if they don’t know what they want to do.

Nothing to do

Some seniors throw themselves into their hobbies, and spend hours doing whatever it is that gets their fancy. But, there are others that aren’t so lucky, and wallow in boredom until they try to get back into the workforce, whether they’re able to do so or not.

Fortunately, some senior independent living communities and programs provide activities retirees can engage in to occupy their time and improve themselves in some way. There are three different types of senior’s activities that’ll make the golden years as memorable as they can be, mainly because some of them will help improve memory.

Going in Blind

Blind jigsaw puzzles put a new spin on the old game that really exercises the brain to be both more creative and analytical. Playing blind jigsaws is the same as normal jigsaws, except the player doesn’t look at the picture and should have no idea what they’re forming.

Seniors need to analyze the shape of each piece and form a mental picture of what it is they’re trying to form based on what they have. Blind jigsaws could last from minutes to hours, depending on the difficulty of the puzzle, but it’s always a good challenge to put the noggin through its paces occasionally.

Test Their Brains Together

If there are more players, and everyone’s feeling a bit competitive, why not have a trivia contest? Not only does it stretch everyone’s mental muscles, it allows some seniors to display their expert knowledge, and serve as a bonding experience for all the players.