Fun Cardio Exercises for Faster Weight Loss

Woman swimmingCardio is the most effective way of burning fat and obtaining an amazing body. Cardio works by increasing your heart rate and burning the calories in the form of glucose and fat.

Most health and fitness experts recommend signing up for a weight loss studio for women in Chelmsford, MA. Although, note that not all types of cardio are good for weight loss and your health. High-intensity cardio workouts are more ideal than moderate-intensity workouts.

The moderate intensity exercises lead to muscle loss and may hurt your joints. Here are some high-intensity cardio exercises that will help you lose weight faster and have fun while doing them.


Swimming for one hour enables you to burn 500–700 calories. Doing about 10–15 laps in the pool engages all your body muscles and helps you get a good workout. It is advisable that you learn more strokes that help you swim faster thus burn more calories.

Women cyclingCycling

Cycling not only helps you burn those calories but also helps you go to fun places, socialize with friends and explore new places. It is very gentle to the joints, therefore, it is the one of the forms of exercise recommended for people with arthritis and other joint ailments.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps will burn those calories, raise your heart rate and increase power in the legs. You can incorporate a minute of squat jumps into your regular cardio workout or you can only concentrate on doing the squat jumps by doing 30–60 seconds of squat jumps and repeat for 10–15 minutes.

Remember moving around increases blood flow to your muscles while at the same time strengthening your heart and lungs. Keep the exercises simple for a start in order to make them a habit and eventually increase the intensity later on.