Fright Night: Unique and Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween PartiesTired of wearing the same Halloween outfit for years now? Worry no more, because here is a list of some of the most creative and awesome Halloween costumes that will surely amaze everyone in the party:

The Four Seasons

With the help of some of your closest friends, dress up as summer, winter, autumn and spring. Everyone in the room will turn their heads on you once they see how genius and original your concept is. Aside from nailing the costume party, you will also enjoy hanging out with your friends. A unique and creative theme to celebrate Halloween, don’t you think?

Bag of Jelly Beans (the Human Version)

Add some quirky and sweet treats in the party by becoming a bag of jellybean. This simple yet ingenious costume idea will definitely make every guest laughing on floor. Along with that, preparing this Halloween outfit doesn’t require much. Just get a clear trash bag, cut holes for your legs and arm to create a shirt like design, and fill the bag with coloured and jelly bean-like balloons.

Be the Big Kid

Unleash the inner child in you by dressing up in your middle school girl uniform. This costume requires little to none effort. All you have to do is wear a little makeup and carry around your favourite childhood toy; just be your normal yourself. Wearing this costume might bring back some of your most memorable and happiest memories as a little kid.

Regardless of whatever costume or concept you will choose, always remember to have fun. Be part of the Trick or Treat committee and enjoy the night with games. After all, the spook fest should not stop any fun that you and your friends can think of.