Fresh Start: Advantages of a Good Boarding School for Troubled Boys

Good Boarding School“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” George Bernard Shaw’s words have certainly made a lot of people laugh but truth be told those lines could speak about how environment plays a huge part in shaping a child. Studies show good neighborhood matters in ensuring a child’s future.

Giving a troubled teen a break should start, therefore, from getting him in the right environment – most true for boys. This is exactly why America’s best boarding schools matter.

Running with the Wrong Crowd

Looking at America’s numbers when it comes to teen crime should be alarming to say the least. And while there is a substantial number from both sexes, records show young boys tend to stray away from the straight path more than young girls.

In 2013, there were nearly 55,000 troubled teens who were detained in residential placements all over America. A great majority of this number – or 86 percent to be exact – were young boys. Though exact proportions may have changed through the years, the trend is well-established.

On the brighter side, a study of 5 million people tracked for 17 years show that children who moved into good neighborhoods ended up having greater chances towards future success. Even more stunning, the earlier a family transferred to a good neighborhood the better a child’s future outcome becomes.

Moving into the Right Environment

For parents who have become exhausted at their young son’s overwhelmingly unruly behavior, getting him into a good boarding school for troubled boys could be most apt. If you have tried everything under your power to help him without any considerable success, putting him into the right facility sooner rather than later could be a life-saver.

It doesn’t matter if it’s drug abuse, promiscuity, rebellion or any form of self-destructive behavior, the right environment  should be your best chance in bringing in needed reform to your child.

Specifically designed for boys, these institutions could be just the bridge you need to usher maturity in your son’s behavior via tried-and-tested programs – giving your family the peace of mind you’ve longed for in the process.