Four Botox Myths Busted

Botox Myths in Salt Lake CityBotox’s popularity as a cosmetic procedure is fast on the rise. Its seemingly magical abilities have made it a favorite to millions of people seeking a quick facial enhancement. However, as the procedure garners a great following, so do misconceptions about it that continue to spread.

Before availing Botox deals in Salt Lake City, you need to consider these four leading myths about this procedure, as noted by experts from the Utah Dermatologic and Medical Procedures Clinic:

Botox freezes your face

This is perhaps the leading misconception about Botox. Some say that once you use Botox, you will permanently lose your facial expressions. This is untrue. After about a week, your face regains its ordinary expressions. What the procedure does is to remove the lines in your face without making it lose its general facial expressions.

Botox is meant for older women

As Botox is known to remove wrinkles on the face, some claim that the procedure is meant for older women. This is a myth. Botox provides a solution for many other skin conditions suffered by younger people, such as acne. Moreover, it is a useful procedure for those aging prematurely or experiencing wrinkle development. Anyone aged 18 and above can be allowed to have Botox if need be. Additionally, Botox is not for women only. Men too can benefit from it.

Botox is a dangerous procedure

This misconception is mostly inspired by the fact that since Botox involves the use of botulin toxin type A. The fact is although the toxin may be harmful when used in large amounts, in Botox, it is applied in extremely low quantities. Moreover, the amount of the toxin used in Botox is approved by FDA.

Botox is permanent

Botox lasts about three or four months. Afterward, its effects start to reduce, and you may be required to have it again.

The myths surrounding Botox are many and varied. However, many of them are founded on untested claims, and you should never believe them unless they are from a trusted source.