For the Brave Souls: 8 Haunted Places in Singapore You Should Visit

haunted houseIf there is one thing that all countries have in common, it is probably ghost stories. Every region in every country has their individual paranormal encounters to tell. Singapore, for one, is not a stranger to these stories. With its journey through the horrors of World War II, there is no doubt that stories of hauntings abound.

Who said that haunted houses are always black? In the country, there are three famous ghost sites known as the coloured houses. These places are situated in different locations with individual stories.

The Coloured Houses

The Red House, which is in Pasir Ris, passes as one of the places many go to for a Halloween horror. There is nothing much to tell about the doll that sits on a rocking chair inside and a pair of lion statues that, according to many, stare at people trying to sneak into the house. To this day, it remains abandoned and empty.

Although it is technically not coloured, The White House is one of the three houses and it is located in Punggol. It was built in 1902 and was deserted in the 70s. Since then, many believe that evil spirits kill all who dare enter the premises. Presently, there is a plan to turn this place into a clubhouse.

The Green House, meanwhile, is also known as the Hillview Mansion on Hillview Hill. Locals say that the first owners of the house died in a fire, and renovations never seem to finish as the spirits are still lingering inside. But in 2004, the mansion was demolished to the ground, leaving nothing but the gate and debris.

Most Famous Haunted Place

Moving on from houses, there is also the famous Old Changi Hospital. This is perhaps the most favourite haunted place for explorers. The British army built this place in 1935 but was occupied by the Japanese forces come WWII. It is very famous that a movie was made about it in 2010. People say that voices and screams can be heard from wall to wall. Rumour has it that the Japanese tortured POWs in its rooms.