Follicular Unit Extraction for Baldness

FUE Hair TransplantSome people consider baldness in men to be a sign of virility. Generally, however, men would rather not earn the nickname “cue ball,” and baldness of any kind is never attractive to women. Several options are available to solve this problem, and one of them is follicular unit extraction or FUE.

Here are some things you should know about FUE hair transplant from the UK’s Fue Clinics.

How it works

Hair grows from follicles, and people become bald because their hair follicles die. People that do not lose all their scalp hair are a good candidate for FUE. FUE involves transferring healthy follicles from one part of the scalp to the bald spots.

Why it is a good choice

The idea of a hair transplant is not a new one. However, back in the day, hair transplants involved removing sections of skin with healthy hair on it from different parts of the body and putting it on the bald spots. With FUE, only the hair follicles are ‘harvested’ and then replanted, usually where hair used to grow. A good practitioner will make sure that the growth of the hair will follow a natural direction, so the results are also more natural.

What it takes

FUE is not as painful and has less downtime than the old transplant techniques because only the hair follicles are involved, and those are very small. The time it takes to heal depends on the skin type, but in general, it is shorter than other methods about 5 days. The typical treatment takes about 8 hours and cost an average of £3.00 per hair. You will usually pay about £9000 a procedure, and you will see hair growing in about 10 months.

Baldness is not always bad, but if you want to cover it up, your best option is an FUE hair transplant. It is a considerable investment, but your hair will look just like it did before you started losing it.