Facts about Dental Implants You Should Know

Getting Dental ImplantsA dental implant is a good idea if you have missing teeth. It is far more comfortable and convenient than dentures, and they last longer, too. However, rushing into any major decision is never a good idea. You should know the facts about a dental implant before you decide to go through with it. 

Here are some facts you should know.

You need enough bone

Conventional dental implants rely on your jawbone for support. If you have had missing teeth for a while, there is a good chance you have bone loss in that area. If you have worn full dentures for a while, the chances are even greater. In fact, TheVRDC.com describes a man from East Yorkshire got implants that came loose quickly after his treatment because he did not have enough bone mass to support it.

Your dentist should perform a series of tests to see if you have enough bone density for a dental implant. If you do not, you may have to consider zygomatic implants, where the support comes from the cheekbone.

You need a good dentist

Dental implant treatments in the UK can be expensive. This is why dental tourism in other countries has boomed. However, you take a big risk when you go to dentists outside the UK, such as Eastern Europe where the costs are lower because they are not subject to regulations. A woman from Staffordshire learned a painful and expensive lesson when she had her treatments done in Hungary. Aside from the money she spent for the treatment, she now has to spend thrice that to correct the problems it caused.

You need to care for them

Despite what many people think, dental implants need as much maintenance as real teeth. Your dentist will advise you about what kind of care you need to give your dental implants to avoid problems later on. You also need professional cleaning every three to six months to make sure the implants are in good condition.

A dental implant is a great option for missing teeth, but it is not a magic pill. You need to do your part to reap the benefits of the available technology.