Essential Traits of a Successful Online Learner

Student using laptopStudying online has its own set of conveniences. The experts at The American Academy points out that you can take courses at the time and place you prefer. But to reap the full rewards of online learning, you must be a good student, and that entails possessing the following traits:


You’re in charge of yourself when you’re an online student. Taking a class as scheduled on your preferred time requires more self-motivation. Why? It’s easier to slack off, watch a movie, or go to bed than taking the course.

No one is there to remind you that you might be late to class. No teacher will call your attention during class. The only person in charge of getting you to focus is you. This is where motivation comes in. It’s an innate quality giving you the extra nudge to finish what you’ve started.

Time Management

Online education is becoming widespread because it gives the student the freedom and flexibility to complete a course. While deadlines are usually not as strict in online schools, you won’t be able to get a certification or move on to the next course if you don’t meet the requirements. In fact, this setup makes it more crucial to have time management skills. If you’re a procrastinator, you’ll end up taking the course longer than you should. If you’re working while taking an online program, try to finish your schoolwork after work days so it doesn’t pile up and take up your weekends.


You will spend a lot of time on your own learning. As established earlier, there will be no one physically close to remind you of certain deadlines or help you gain your focus. You are on your own. It may seem daunting, but with self-motivation and time management skills you will do just fine. Independence comes with discipline. Set your mind to it, finish the small projects and quizzes, and study well for exams. Don’t lose track of why you enrolled in it in the first place.

Self-motivation fuels determination, time management skills drive balance, and independence teaches resilience. All these traits will not only get you through your online class but also help you stand out in the workplace and manage the stresses of life better.